Elder Thurston e Elder McMullin na radio de Umuarama, PR Brasil -1994

Friday, February 16, 2018

Jarom's Poems - Title Page

Here's a collection of poems I've written over the years.(* Two of them were written by my daughter's mother Sandra.)
Aqui vai uma colecao de poemas que tenho escrito ao passar dos anos.
(* Dois foram escritos pela mae da minha filha, Sandra.)
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All I Ask (com versao em Portugues)

Be Not Afraid

He Beat His Goal

He'll Be There

I Can Change With You

In Essence What I Want To Say

In The Eyes (com versao em Portugues)

Jenny Smiles

Now That You're Away

O Brasil É O Lugar (Portuguese = Brasil Is The Place)

One Deserves - Part I (com versao em Portugues)

One Deserved - Part II

Onze De Setembro: Um Ano Depois * (Portuguese = 9/11: One Year Later)

People Just Don't Know

Strength In The Thrill

Time It Seems To Slip Away

To You From Me (com versao em Portugues)

Together We'll Grow


Twas Once A Mighty Noble Man (com versao em Portugues)

U Say U Want to Fly

Where Is Home

Who You Are *

Why Do People Hurt The People They Love?

Leading The Way

A Man Of Few Words

Nobody Cares How Much You Know - Tribute to Oma

Jarom L. Thurston